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I'm a bit swamped these days. Please be patient and I'll get back to you asap. Custom orders are $1780.00 This price may change. This includes shipping within the continental United States. Please see the DETAILS page to view variations of the Babooms features. Also see the SIZES page for measuring diagrams.


Please keep in mind that I am not a large business, I am not a manufacturer. I am a sole artist with a modest studio and each set of Babooms is crafted by me, beginning to end. If you feel the need to return the Babooms please let me know why. If there is no damage to the Babooms I may be able to refund part or all of your money.

To order please email me at

The first step is to email me. When I am available to start working on your Babooms I will email you back requesting that you write down specific measurements and any details we need to share. I will give you my mailing address and phone number. I need to receive payment (check or money order) and a signed order form before I begin. This signed order form is an artist's commissioned contract. Feel free to email me about the progress of your Babooms.