There are videos showing how to get into the Babooms costume. Make sure you have the physical ability to get into the costume before ordering.

The (optional) boning is placed under the fabric and is not visible. It is placed where the black lines in the photo are.

Click here to see an example of the slight wrinkling that the boning "fixes".

When ordering you need to chose the following for your Babooms:
1} Boning or no boning
2} Full torso or half torso
3} Closed zipper or open zipper
4} Color
5} Size

The Babooms are a breast costume that you can wear without a bra, totally exposing the cleavage and nipples. They are about a G cup, light weight (about 7 pounds) with some bounce. These Babooms are SILICONE. They are NOT latex. The silicone material has a very high safety rating. There seems to be no allergic reaction complications and seems to be perfectly safe if it comes in contact with the eyes, a small cut on the skin, or if accidentally swallowed. This silicone is the same material used in high end movie special effects costumes and makeup and is chosen because of it's high durability. It should take a lot of action HOWEVER if you abuse the Babooms they may get damaged. When buying this product you should consider it an artist's rendition of voluptuous breasts. Each piece is hand made by me. You should not wear underwires or anything sharp with this product as it may puncture or scrape the Babooms. Be careful with jewelry and finger nails when wearing this product as they may scratch or puncture. The front of the Babooms is a silicone "skin" and the back is a fabric tunic with a zipper (to get in and out of the Babooms with ease). I want to make these better and welcome all constructive ideas. I'll get to work on a smaller cup size model if there are enough people interested.

There is an option of "boning" added to the back of each shoulder seem. This boning prevents the Babooms from crinkling up at the shoulder area and makes the Babooms look much more realistic. Add $160 for boning. If you order a set without boning and decide that you want boning I can add the boning.

The half torso costume is MUCH more comfortable in many ways. If you buy the full torso but would like it turned into the half torso version that is easily done. Just let me know.

I make the Babooms in Vermont and am in Boston, MA regularly. If you're in the area let me know if you would like to set up a time to view a set of Babooms.

I will be at Fantasia Fair this October in Provincetown, MA. I will be available to chat about the Babooms and may have a few sets on hand.

If you need a special effect costume contact me for a quote and time frame. I can make just about anything you could imagine. Masks, torsos, limbs... bones sticking out, horns, gushing edible "blood"... any internal organ, pulsing, "blood" filled... alien concepts... animal concepts... zombies... fins, wings, scales, hard, soft, movable, breakable, durable, wearable, prop, puppet, animatronic... what ever you could imagine I can create.BaBooms@BaBooms.com

We would love to see photos or videos of you wearing your Babooms. Only send photos or videos if you are willing to have them posted on this web page. BaBooms@BaBooms.com