This set is ready to ship now. $1480.00 This price may change. This includes shipping within the continental United States. If there is need for retailoring this may increase the price. This set of Babooms was used by me in a photo shoot and sustained no damage. This set has extra soft skin and thus needs a more delicate touch. I have been working on getting the "skin" to be as soft and life like as possible. It's about achieving a balance between durability and realism. There is "boning" in the shoulders to prevent the shoulder area from collapsing and makes the Babooms look much more like it's real and not a costume. Some people wont care if the shoulders collapse or crinkle up and some people will. I think the people who would be most interested in the boning would be people who perform on stage or people who go out clubbing or to functions wearing the Babooms. The boning is not comfortable to wear for hours and hours, similar to wearing a corset. The "model" wearing this set is me and my measurements at the time of this photo shoot are waist 30", chest 39", shoulders 46", neck 14.5".


Please keep in mind that I am not a large business, I am not a manufacturer. I am a sole artist with a modest studio and each set of Babooms is crafted by me, beginning to end. If you feel the need to return the Babooms please let me know why. If there is no damage to the Babooms I may be able to refund part or all of your money.

To order please email me at

I will be at Fantasia Fair this October in Provincetown, MA. I will be available to chat about the Babooms and may have a few sets on hand. The webpage for the fair is