These are recordings of my raw voice without any digital enhancing using a cheap little microphone on my computer. Although I give a little bit of advice on voice usage I am NOT a specialist at all. You should consult a qualified voice therapist for real help if need be. At age 16 I was a Bass 2 in chorus. I would appreciate any constructive criticism.

Short line from Nora Jones, Don't Know Why

Short line from Cabaret

Short line from You Are My Sunshine

Another short line You Are My Sunshine

Sample of my girlvoice

Tip for ANY voice

Do not speak "from the throat"

Do not speak "from the throat" 2

Girl voice tip that may help

More tips that may help achieving a girl voice

Voice safety

Don't Know Why

When I was Young

Silly little cartoon voice that just kind of happened on it's own when I was 20something

Origination of child voice

Comic version of the Our Father